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Air Jordan 1 Mid

The AJ series has become an eternal legend on the basketball court. Today, the Air Jordan 1 MID carries the traditional glory. It perfectly combines the charm of the first year with innovative elements. It combines exquisite and simple design with ingenious details to create a match that matches the JORDAN brand and the trapeze. Spiritual comfort, fit and breathability. The classic AIR air cushion and the "AIR JORDAN wings" logo will always evoke the memories of Air Force fans and AJ shoe fans, which are worthy of your collection.

Presented to you below is the Air Jordan 1 Mid collection from stockxkicks.They are from PK God Batch and LJR Batch.

What is the difference between PK God Batch and LJR Batch?

Both PK God and LJR factories are large-scale high-quality replica shoe production factories with a long history, located in Putian City, China. LJR is known for Yeezy and AJ. Their production machines and shoe-making techniques are irreplaceable among replica shoe manufacturers. Over the years, it has established a perfect reputation among consumers.

stockxkicks has established a long-term cooperative relationship with PK God and LJR, and has created your exclusive online store for fake sneakers. We have always pursued favorable prices and high quality. Hope to be your first choice.

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