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LJR Batch Air Jordan 11

Do you know Air Jordan 11?

Tinker didn't know what the shoe would bring when Tinker designed it, or even if Jordan himself would continue to wear it, just as Jordan was leaving the NBA to play in the MLB, AJ9 It has become an alternative that Jordan has never worn in the game, and AJ10 is not very popular with Jordan himself. And just when Nike was constantly troubled by this and the outside world kept questioning Tinker, Jordan's "I'm back!" became a life-saving straw.

There is no doubt that in terms of design alone, AJ 11 has broken through the traditional concept of basketball shoes, and a classic basketball shoe that is suitable for wearing, actual combat, and versatile appearance was born. Jordan himself has expressed his love for the 11th generation more than once in public. Since the AJ 11 has been recognized by the entertainment industry, the AJ 11 released at the time has become the most difficult to buy sneakers. It was not only worn by Jordan on the court, but also worn by many trend stars to attend many commercial events, directly turning the AJ 11 generation into a pair of trendy casual shoes at that time.

Do you know the story of the LJR factory?
LJR refers to a man named Liu Jiarui in Dongguan, which mainly focuses on AJ and Yeezy. In fact, there are many factories in Dongguan that manufacture branded shoes. The shoes made by Liu Jiarui are well known for their high quality and high similarity to the original shoes. He referred to the shoes made by him in his factory as "LJR batch" by his initials, and some people called them "Guanding", that is, Dongguan top matching, the best quality version in Dongguan.

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Welcome to stockxkicks, here is the LJR Batch Air Jordan 11.

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