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What should I do after the payment is successful?

Feb 16, 2023 2804 0
What should I do after the payment is successful?

Dear stockxkicks customer, to ensure your shoes get shipped, please make sure to complete the following 3 steps after successful payment!!

Step 1 Confirm order information

After payment, usually the customer service will send you an order confirmation message via Whatsapp: +14244678020 or E-mail: service@stockxkicks.com within 24 hours.

what should you do:

1)Check your WhatsApp and Email. Make sure the email is not in the spam folder.

2)Check your size, delivery address, phone number and other information carefully, and after confirming that there are no errors, reply to the customer service with a confirmation message (such as "All information is correct")

Step 2 Confirm Quality Check Pictures

Usually within 2 working days after you confirm the order information, customer service will send you  Quality Check Pictures (QC pictures, photo of your shoes) via WhatsApp or Email to make sure you are satisfied with the shoes.

What should you do:

Check the Quality Check Picture, if you are satisfied, please reply to the customer service confirmation message, let the customer service start shipping the shoes (for example "I’m very satisfied with the QC pictures, please start shipping my shoes").

Step 3 Obtain the logistics tracking number

After completing the QC pictures confirmation, we will start shipping your shoes. Usually the customer service will send you the logistics tracking number and the tracking website within 3-5 working days. (The time depends on the speed at which the logistics company sends us the number)

Usually it will take 10-22 working days to arrive after you confirm the QC picture.

What should you do:

Be patient and check your WhatsApp or Email for the tracking number at the above mentioned times.

Usually the tracking website will rarely update the information in the first 10 days. After arriving in the next country, the local post office will feed back the information and update it.So be patient.If more information is not updated after more than 10 days, please contact customer service to solve problem. More shipping question 👉 Click this “Frequently Asked Shipping Questions”

In the end

If you still have question about your order, please contact customer service through the following contact information in time!

Whatsapp: +14244678020


Note: Due to difference time zone and sometimes WhatsApp cannot reply, the customer service cannot reply your message in time, please be patient. The customer service will reply after seeing your message.

Welcome to stockxkicks, we bring you the best reps shoes and service!


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