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jordan 11 fake vs real

Nov 23, 2022 918 0
jordan 11 fake vs real

1、Strictly control production

The reps we produce have been continuously adjusted and proofed to achieve the effect of 1:1 with the original shoes, in order to make customers get best reps.

You can hardly tell the difference betewwn stockxkicks' replica Jordan 11 and real shoes. Click to watch fake vs real Jordan 11 Bred.

2、Quality Control

Before shipment, we will send customers pictures of the shoes that are about to be mailed out (Quality Control Pictures, QC), if you don't like or think there is something wrong with the shoes, we can re-replace the shoes and take QC pictures. Click for more QC.


Whenever customers receive shoes, we will ask customers to evaluate our shoes and services, prompting us to bring you better products and services.

As of now, Stockx Kicks has collected many feedbacks/review from many customers, they all feel our reps are the best and are satisfied with our service. Click for more FeedBack/Review

If you still have any questions, you can contact us by whatsapp, Instagram, discord on our website


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