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H12 Batch Air Jordan 1

Why is the Air Jordan 1 so classic and famous?

First of all, I have to admit that Jordan has a unique historical significance for black Americans. When it comes to the designer of the Air Jordan series, the first reaction in the minds of friends may be Tinker Hatfield, but the AJ1 shoes are not designed by him, but by another very famous designer Peter Moore. At that time, he opened the Air Jordan series, including the Air Jordan logo.
In 1985, when the first generation of Jordan basketball shoes AJ, the league had strict regulations on the basketball shoes that players wore, stipulating that the white part of the shoes must be no less than 51%. In 1984, Nike snatched the swinging Jordan from Adidas with a five-year, $2.5 million contract. Later, Nike tried a lot of shoes for Jordan, and he also experienced a short period of wearing shoes. Not long after, designer Peter Moore personally handed over the AJ1 to Jordan, and the feedback was "it's too ugly". After all kinds of persuasion, Jordan put on this pair of sneakers that were somewhat unique at the time. In order to promote their own sneakers, Nike took the initiative to help Jordan pay the NBA's "color restriction order" fine at that time, which also created the classic color matching "ban" The background of the story. Although the AJ1 is not actually banned, the name of AJ is still on. The AJ1 designed with AF1 as a template still retains some of the characteristics of sneakers, but it is still the best basketball shoe at that time in terms of performance. Jordan Stepping on this pair of shoes smashed the Quartet in the rookie season, won the best rookie, and the air rose. Several major OG color matching, including Chicago, forbidden, royal blue, shadow, etc. are all classics in the classics, although they have been re-enacted many times , but every time it is re-enacted, it can lead to crazy looting and become the most popular shoe after 30 years.

This page features the entire H12 Batch Air Jordan 1 collection from stockxkicks. They are from H12 Batch.

What is H12 Batch?
The H12 factory is located in Putian City, China. It is famous for creating shoes that are very similar to the original in terms of shoe body materials, shoe details, sole glue and other details.

The following is the H12 Batch Air Jordan 1 series, the perfect cooperation between Stockxkicks and H12 Batch, to provide you with the best price, each shoe is specially selected for the factory inspection, so you can rest assured of the quality.

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