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What Are The Differences Between Different Batches?

Feb 20, 2024 104 0
PK God batch, Ljr batch, ucoo batch and h12 batch reps shoes from stockx kicks

Friends, welcome to the best reps shoes website stockx kicks. I believe you have seen PK God Batch, Ljr Batch, UCOO Batch, H12 Batch, special batch on the website.

So what are the differences between different batches? Which Batch should you buy? Next I will explain to you.

First of all, pk god batch, h12 batch, ljr batch and UCOO batch are all famous reps shoes factories in China,these are good reps. There will be some differences in the production process and materials of different batches. 

The special batches are launched by us for some customers who cannot afford the higher prices. Of course, their quality is not as high as the other batches mentioned above and there are certain flaws, but the quality is still good. For example, the special batch may not use suede, but the toe box and back tab of Joe 4 can still pop up.

Of course, some products are not marked with batches, but you can buy with confidence.

So which batch should you choose?

If there are different batches of the same product, usually H12> UCOO ≥ PK God > Ljr > Special batch.

For example, Jordan 4, I would recommend you to buy PK God batch, which has a higher cost performance. 90% of customers will choose PK God batch Jordan 4.

In the end, which batch to choose mainly depends on your budget. 

Thank you for coming to stockx kicks for the best reps shoes. If you have any questions, please send a private message to customer service.


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